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Mini Stirrer HS120155 Gray/Purple

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Mengambil respon ini sebagai moto, PT. Berkat Jaya Abadi, didirikan di surabaya pada tahun 2001 dengan tujuan untuk berkontribusi pada proses modernisasi, khususnya dalam teknologi ilmiah di indonesia , dan berfungsi sebagai langkah awal untuk pembangunan Indonesia.

Detail Mini Stirrer HS120155 Gray/Purple

Mini Stirrer

An economical solution made for ultimate function
The Mini Magnetic Stirrer by Heathrow Scientific is an
economical solution made for ultimate function with optimal
magnetic coupling to ensure dependable stirring efficiency.
A powerful magnetic coupling of the high-quality stir bar
and the unit ensures consistent accurate alignment which
significantly reduces spin-outs during acceleration or
deceleration of spin speeds and ensure maximum stirring
performance, every time.
The mini stirrer is made from an ABS and PC blend that is
chemical resistant making the unit easy to clean.
The low-profile design is lightweight for transporting with
ease and the small footprint saves valuable space on a
bench top.
The mini stirrer offers quiet operation with low vibration
which helps users stay focused by reducing noise in the lab.
Ideal for routine stirring applications in general research, life
science, industrial, quality analysis, and clinical lab settings.
2 High quality stir bars (35x9mm) are included to ensure
maximum stirring performance. HS Item #120552
U.S. and E.U. Utility Patent Pending
U.S. Design Patent No. D814,045

Speed Range: 200 to 2200 rpm
(Infinitely adjustable)
Capacity: Up to 3 L H2O
Noise level: Full speed, unloaded: 53 dB
Weight: 0.447 K (0.985 Lbs)
Power: Universal 12V DC with 4 adapters
Three-year warranty
Package includes:
-- 1 Mini Stirrer
-- 2 Stir bars 9 mm x 35 mm octagonal shape
-- 1 Low voltage, double insulated power adapter with 4 interchangeable plugs

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